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Women’s Posture Brace

Posture Brace has a number of important benefits, the Posture Brace eliminates shoulder, neck and back pain, re-aligns your spine, trains your body to an upright sitting/standing posture, takes the pressure off neck, shoulders, upper back, hips and knees. You can also expect an improved appearance which is a straight, aligned posture.

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Features & Details

FULL BACK SUPPORT DESIGN: This posture brace focus on providing full back support. Effective assistance and strong support relieve back, neck and shoulder pain caused by poor posture. Besides, the waist belt is adjustable to support upper and lower back, Easily to wear.

PREMIUM QUALITY: We use soft fabric edging to make the posture brace comfortable to wear, but it is NOT allowed to overstrain the belt. The belt of our posture Brace is wider and thicker, it won’t cut your arms, when the straps pull your shoulders back.

HELPFUL FOR: Correct posture of kids and adults on the following symptom: Hunchback, Poor Posture, Kyphosis, Curvature of the Spine, Thoracic Surgery Kyphosis, Thoracic Iordosis, Clavicle Fracture, Spinal Misalignment, Rounded Shoulder. You can wear this posture support in your home or office or anywhere you like. Insist on using it for a long time and you will find that your posture is getting better and better.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Our Posture Brace brace is light enough but also provide huge pulling back strength for shoulders.

MEASUREMENT: Please measure around your chest and back with a tape before and pick the size you fit into (inches)

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L (44-51 in), M (36-43 in), S (30-35 in)